Underlying conditions

Mental illness left untreated often leads to a rapid decline in mental health. Mental illness does not go away on its own, and the longer it persists, the harder treatment can be. Mental illness makes it difficult to conform to society’s norms. You become more vulnerable to victimization when your brain undermines your ability to react, feel happy, or think clearly. This can lead to victimization, PTSD, and unusual behavior that can create even more victimization. People with mental illnesses are significantly more likely to be exploited & abused than those in the general population. Mental illness is a serious, and potentially life-threatening, illness. If left untreated, it can make life so intolerable, and cloud your judgment so thoroughly, that hope or a way out can seem unreachable. It can also cause long-term issues with emotional stability, behavior regulation, relationship difficulties, substance abuse, and even physical illness.






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