The NEA’s influence of public education

Since the NEA’s founding in the 1800’s, its leadership has sought to transform America into a nation of communism, collectivism, socialism, humanism and globalism all the while slowly eroding our personal freedoms. In the 1920’s the NEA created its so-called International Relations Committee creating alliances with Communist Party dictatorships demanding a global “police force” and a world “board of education”.

John Dewey was a longtime member of the American Federation of Teachers and a member of many Marxist organizations and a totalitarian socialist who wanted the government to take over all education via government schools. Dewey, the first honorary lifetime president of the NEA, traveled to the former Soviet Union with others from the NEA to study the communist education system. In the 1930’s, the NEA stated one of its reformed goals was:

“We stand for socializing the individual.”

Dewey’s stated philosophy was:

“You can’t make socialists out of individualists. Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society, which is coming, where everyone is interdependent.”

In the 1940’s the NEA obtained an amendment to the Hatch Act allowing teachers and the NEA to participate in public affairs. After more then a century of lobbying and transforming the American education system into communistic indoctrination centers, Americans were warned time and time again to distance themselves from the ever growing force trying to create an international communist society.

So let us fast forward to modern times. In 2009 the NEA influenced policy around President Obama’s $5 billion over five years school-turnaround proposal seeking to protect NEA members contracts, stop using test scores for measuring success, and integrate 21st century skills. In 2017 the NEA recommitted its’ support to change the sex ed standards and helped write the sexual education standards that brought discussions on gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation into the classroom.

The NEA partnered with the progressive organization Advocates for Youth, who has worked on issues like providing minors access to abortion without notifying parents, non-gendered bathrooms, defunding the police and have pushed to initiate discussions about gender identity with children in kindergarten. Now the present day NEA is leading the way in the communistic transformation of public education. Their push for change has brought 57% of Maine Middle Schools and 84% of Maine High Schools to now instruct on gender identity as part of their Sex Ed curriculum. Should this monster continue to be left to influence the innocent minds of our children and suppress our parental rights?…/national-education…/…/offices/iro/internationalrelations…/communist_goals…/page/n1/mode/2up…/the-nea-agenda-how-john…/…/sub9_6a/entry-5141.html…/action-center/our-victories…/NEA……/nea-moves-to-influence…/2009/07…/josh-fose-standards-web……/abortion-and…/…/lgbtq-health-and…/…/Divest_Invest……/racial-social-justice…/legislative-program-of-the-117th……/the-nea-helped…/…/sex-education-schools-needs-upgrade……/how-socialists-used…/…/union-report-nea-and…/

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