The Whole Child Model 

Yes, it is every bit as concerning as it sounds. Gone are the days that you send your little one off on the big yellow bus to learn the basics such as reading, writing, math, and other subjects that will give them a good foundation for a career. Many parents don’t even realize that is …

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School-Based Health Centers

What exactly is a School-based Health Center (SBHC) and why do they exist? Well, a SBHC is essentially a medical clinic that operates on school property, either inside of the school or next to it, and is generally promoted to students through the school. These clinics provide a range of primary health care services to …

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Social contagions aren’t what they used to be

Although social contagion’s and adolescent shenanigans are nothing new, in our social media centered age parents must be more cautious when confronted with such topics. In adolescents and young adults parts of the brain are not fully formed yet. The amygdala, that sits deep inside the brain plays a role in aggressive, instinctual and risk-taking …

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The intrusion of delusion and confusion

Delusion is the belief in something that is false and indicates an abnormality of a person’s thought content. These false beliefs are not a portrayal of one’s religious or cultural beliefs or their intellect. People with delusions will embrace their beliefs regardless of evidence that contradicts their delusion. The distinction between delusions and overvalued ideas …

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