Imagination is a gift dysphoria is not

Children benefit greatly from a vivid imagination, especially when supported by role models such parents and teachers. Imagination is vital to their early development, increasing children’s social, creative, and cognitive skills. Children can form better friendships and pursue personal goals when they are Imaginative. They’re able to explore their thoughts and feelings on a deeper level and can develop creative problem solving skills. However, problems form when people are unable to grasp fully what is in the mind and what is real are not directly connected. What’s in a persons mind is a representation of what exists in reality. Their mind is a merge of imagination, perception, and memories built by their own perception of things. When someone doesn’t have the strong mental ability to reflect on and critique the accuracy of the mind’s construction, there can be an important difference between reality and a person’s perception of reality. Some people may not be able to understand that there is a discrepancy at all.

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