Meet the PRM Leadership Team

Justin Whynot


Justin, a born and bred Mainer, was raised in a different era, by a Marine, and a Kindergarten Teacher. He spent his youth in the Boy Scouts of America where he achieved the highly sought-after rank of Eagle Scout. It was during these formative years that Justin was instilled with values such as freedom, service to others, the importance of community, the need for reverence and the value of education.
As an adult, Justin built a family of his own while carving out a career in the automotive industry. Upholding the values instilled in him during his youth, he has remained an active member of his community. Throughout the years he has served as a Youth Group Leader, Children’s Church Leader, a Camp Counselor, and a Coach.
Today, with his roots firmly planted in Maine, he is a husband, father, and grandfather. Justin enjoys developing his family home into a small sustainable homestead.
Now, as Justin joins PRM as our Co-Director, he is working to protect children from an ever-encroaching Government. His goal is to ensure that parental rights in Maine are maintained, respected, and fortified. So that all families can flourish in Maine, the way life should be.

Nicole Heart


Nicole is a fierce advocate, working to protect all children, by safeguarding the rights of parents and guardians alike. As the mother to four, and partner to her wife, Nicole understands the importance of family, and of maintaining the rights of all families. 
With a background in management, diversity, foster parenting and advocacy for therapeutic level children in the courts, schools, DHHS, medical and community programs, Nicole brings a unique perspective of the system to PRM. Having worked from within the system for years, she has seen an increasingly politicized agenda being adopted. She understands first-hand the challenges parents face, and the impact that an overreaching government has on children. 
At age 7, Nicole was marginalized, and propagandized. She began suffering from gender dysphoria.
By the age of 10, she was labeled as having learning disabilities, she was trapped in a dysfunctional home, and growing under the weight of abuse and depression. At 14 she was being groomed and victimized by a so-called safe and trusted adult. That adult was a respected figure in the schools, and a pillar of the community. Buckling under the trauma, Nicole experienced suicidal ideations, which led to DHHS taking custody of her.
Once caught in the system, the street would become her home, gangs would become her family. 
By her early adult years, she had already been desensitized, groomed, exploited, victimized, and finally trafficked by the same LGBT underbelly that is still targeting children today. But back then they primarily existed only in the shadows of society. Today they target their young victims openly, loudly, and in the name of civil rights. 
Nicole survived and eventually escaped the fate of her trajectory. Going on to use her experiences to build a career with the sole purpose of protecting other children within the system. Something no one had done for her. Today, Nicole states “My life, my experiences have led me here to where I am today. It is the reason I have fought so hard for the children in the system. And now at PRM, It is the reason I will continue to fight, with all of my heart, to protect parental rights for all decent parents across Maine. Because there are real monsters in this world, I know because I survived them.” 

Michael O’Neal

Director of Outreach & Advocacy

Michael O’Neal, is the Founder and C.E.O. of Keeping Kids Safe and has joined Parents Rights’ Maine as our Director of Outreach & Advocacy.
Michael served in the U.S. Army reserves as Military Police from 1993-2001 and has also been a part time Deputy Sheriff from 1996-2011.
Michael attended SMCC where he received an associate degree in criminology.
Today Michael is working towards his bachelors at Hussion College.
In addition to Keeping Kids Safe and Parents Rights Maine, Michael is also an instructor of Date Escape and Kid Escape from John Hall, which teaches children the Grip, Dip, and Spin technique that could save their lives. He also teaches various other Safety programs. which include the dangers of Internet, Sexting, Cyber Bullying and Bullying Michael explains that it only takes one to make a positive difference. Michael is also an Anti-Child Sex Trafficking Advocate and teaches how to recognize and prevent this horrible crime happening to our children every day. Michael believes that children should be-able to be children and not have to worry about any political or social ideology being forced upon them in schools.

Kristen Day

Communication Specialist

Kristen Day is a full-time wife and mother of three with a background in Public Relations and Marketing.
A lifelong “classic liberal,” Kristen supports the equal rights of all individuals, and believes we have a duty to help those in ‘need’ -not those in ‘want’- in our communities. Raised with the gifts of security and free range, Kristen has a passion for helping children grow with a strong sense of self, ethics, and service. This led to her become a Girl Scout leader for 14 years for grades K-9. She was also Cub Scout Den Mom/Committee Secretary, Boy Scout Committee Secretary and supported her son as he earned the rank of Eagle Scout.
Kristen has always been active in her kids’ schools and sports, and a member of the PTA, and until recent years Kristen found her kids’ opportunities and experiences to be excellent. But during the pandemic, Kristen’s youngest was in middle school and the changes in school were extreme.
Students’ and parents’ rights were being violated by the State and the RSU; then the education standard steeply declined; student “equality” was traded down for “equity”; teaching was openly biased as the “progressive” way of thinking emerged as the only socially acceptable; “Social Emotional Learning” curriculum placed primary focus on “background” -labeling race, class, disability- which increased division, negativity, and bullying between students; sexual identity became a main focus, and sex and depravity were standard library book content for ages 11 and up.
RSU policies have been quietly altered to support the new agenda, and state laws now promote access to our kids in school without parental consent -behind our backs. Fundamentally opposed to this destructive and unsustainable “new normal,” Kristen became a conservative activist focused on all areas related to students and parents’ rights in public school and restoring the American standard of equal, unbiased, merit-based academic achievement, and a united, diverse student body.
As Communication Specialist of PRM, Kristen is working to grow awareness, to call Mainers to action, and to connect and support communities and citizens throughout Maine to protect the innocence of children and the suddenly vulnerable rights of parents.

Courtney Edwards

Director of Research

Born and raised in Maine, Courtney is a wife, and the mother of two homeschooled daughters.
Prior to dedicating her time to teaching, she maintained positions as a Customer Service Rep and as a Dental Receptionist. Here she developed her skills in community support, customer service, and management. Courtney is an active member of the Windham Raymond Parents for Choice group, which advocates for parental rights within the school district.
Courtney also has a passion for reading, which she leaned into during the Covid-19 pandemic, creating online book clubs that supported connectivity during a time of isolation. Now, she uses that same passion for reading as a member of the RSU14 Book Research Team. In her position, Courtney works to identify materials in the district that are not age appropriate according to the MDOE rule; to locate age-appropriate alternatives; and then presents those alternatives to the district.
Courtney’s goal at PRM is to bring to light some of the less appropriate content being provided in Government run schools, while assisting parents in finding age-appropriate alternatives for their children. Thus supporting the educational success of all Maine Students.

Expert Advisors

Tiffany Kreck

Organization Advisor

Tiffany Kreck is a fellow co-founder of Parents’ Rights Maine, and the Executive Director of our sister organization, Health Choice Maine.
With more than a decade of experience in advocacy, and activism, Tiffany brings a unique perspective and expertise to our Advisory
The first issue Tiffany ever worked on, was the Marriage Equality referendum in Maine that led to the passage of the law. At the time, she was an 18-year-old college student in Maine, who having grown up in a very old traditional town in Appalachia, had seen the ill effects first-hand of discriminatory ideology. While this was her introduction to the world of politics and activism, it wouldn’t be the end of her time in this world.
She returned to Maine in 2011 seeking a safe haven after escaping a violent marriage. A single mother to a 4-year-old, severely vaccine injured little boy, she found more than just safety. She found a home, a family, and an environment in which she and her son both could heal and thrive.
As the mother of a child adversely affected by vaccine injury, she was no stranger to difficult situations and complicated conversations.
This led her to launch Health Choice Maine with her two best friends in 2019, when a bill was introduced to remove non-medical exemptions to immunization.
With her Education having been focused on English, Creative Writing, and Education, and her career in Corporate Management, she brought honed skills in messaging that aided the growth of Health Choice Maine. Today Health Choice Maine represents more than 6,000 Maine families and is the last organization in Maine working to restore, and subsequently protect every Mainer’s right to make their own medical decisions without State intervention.

Dr. Meryl Nass

Expert Advisor

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