Parents’ Rights Maine is leading the way to restore and maintain freedom of parental choice for all Mainers through advocacy, education and community.

About Us

Parents’ Rights Maine is a statewide organization made up of parents from all demographics and backgrounds with one thing in common: we are all parents concerned with the direction the Maine Government has taken. 

You would be hard-pressed to find a parent that wanted the “public” — let alone the Government — in their home telling them what to do, what decisions to make, and how to raise their children. For centuries parental rights have been understood as an inherent right and responsibility, with Modern Societies only intervening when actual abuse was at issue. 

However, in more recent years, conversations have emerged which are redefining the idea of parental rights. And now, those emerging conversations are already giving way to legislative actions that serve to reduce, restrict, and undermine some of the most innate aspects of parental rights. From religious beliefs to political ideologies, parental rights are now becoming a tool to reduce political opposition. In short: raise the child — reduce the opposition.

Parents’ Rights Maine endeavors to restore and protect the inherent rights and responsibilities of the parent. Regardless of religion, creed, political belief or affiliation, race, or orientation.

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